Helping Nonprofits Raise More Money by Maximizing the Efficiency of the Donor Management Systems



Amy ChinAmy Chin is a database expert with more than 30 years of experience in database design, analysis, and reporting. She is a recognized expert in the region, assisting nonprofits to make better use of their fundraising software and helping clients to find the right donor management system for their organization. In addition, she has been a software instructor on both college campuses and corporate offices for 20 years.

Ms. Chin has been living and serving in the Berkshires for over 30 years, volunteering in multiple nonprofit organizations including:
United Way, Western Mass Labor Action
Habitat for Humanity, and the Berkshire Athenaeum
She has served in leadership roles on boards and committees for many of these organizations

Amy earned her MBA from Isenberg School of Management and went into this business because of a strong desire to help people and organizations fulfill their goals, succeed, and grow.